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Our sponsors are the best and brightest in the their respective industries. As important as their skills in their fields they share beliefs in common with us here at Watch Dog Radio, and you our listeners. Please take a moment and visit our sponsors sites and see what they have to offer!

Marley Financial Group

Marley Financial Group
Marley Financial Group’s vast knowledge and understanding on how to coordinate benefits allows them to provide you with the best solutions
and service possible for each individual situation. They will provide you, without bias, the best and most cost-effective insurance and
retirement planning techniques integrated with comprehensive tax planning.

Marley Financial serving the needs of its clients with intelligence, integrity and attention to the smallest detail!

Jeff Lagoni of Victorian Finance

Jeffrey A. Lagoni is a mortgage banker with Victorian Finance, based in Bridgeville, PA. He is one of the firm’s two Top Producers. Jeff began his career in mortgage banking in 2001. He has helped thousands of people through the process of buying and refinancing their homes.

Jeff is a Licensed Mortgage Originator through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing & Registry (NMLS), having successfully passed all National and State licensing examinations at his first sitting.

West Penn Life & Health Inc.

West Penn Life & Health offers a wide array of products and services,
representing many quality insurance companies you know and trust. Their
agents are looking forward to serving your needs.

Morascyzk and Polochak Attorneys at Law

Their job is to help people with their legal problems, and listen to their problems with attention and compassion. They
give people advice, communicate for people, represent them in court, and mediate disputes. They usually try to find solutions
for legal disputes without going to court, and if that doesn’t work then they will do their best to advocate our client’s position in
court. Their goal is to use the legal system to help the people it should be working for, and to make sure that the system is not abused
to hurt people.At Morascyzk and Polocha, they firmly believe that as lawyers representing individual people primarily – they don’t have a lot of big
corporations or companies as clients – it is extremely important to provide quality customer service to their clients. In addition to
knowing the laws and legal procedure, they strive to communicate with their clients effectively and keep them as informed and educated as
possible about the legal process and their legal matters.

John R. Davies, REALTOR

RE/MAX Select Realty
Phone: 724.779.1395
John R. Davies is a REALTOR with RE/MAX Select Realty, the 2011 RE/MAX Brokerage of the Year for the Pennsylvania/Delaware Region.  John has been involved in real estate for over 25 years and is a member of one of the most productive real estate sales teams in southwestern Pennsylvania.  With a systematized approach, John will help you find your dream home or get your current home sold.  John will steer you through the complex process of buying or selling your home to assure successful results to meet your needs.

With the lowest interest rates in decades, now is a great time to buy or sell your home.  Call John at 724.779.1395 to get him working for you.

John supports Watchdog Radio because he is a firm believer in the principles of limited government that the founders established through the Constitution of the United States of America.  Through the efforts of Watchdog Radio we can all work to assure that our children are able to live with the same liberty and freedom that the founders intended.

Protective Precious Metals

Protective Precious Metals was born out of the idea that investing in gold and other precious metals doesn’t have to be so expensive and confusing that it scares away investors. PPM has the best prices in the industry and is ready to guide your investment in gold. PPM features spectacular pricing on gold coins and bullion. PPM features American Gold Eagle, American Gold Buffalo, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and South African Gold Krugerrand and Certified US coins at today’s lowest discount price. Gold is the ultimate asset. It is a pure form of money, and has outperformed and outlasted every paper currency ever printed. Governments cannot manipulate it. It has no debts, no board of directors, no derivatives exposure or central bankers that can control its value. That’s why gold has survived every economy in history, and preserved investors’ purchase power over a span of over 5000 years. PPM’s gold pricing cannot be beat, by ANYONE!

• PPM understands financial markets and how gold plays a part of the overall picture of what is happening in the world today.
• PPM recognized gold as a strategic financial move when it bottomed at $255 an ounce, and has been quietly guiding own clients into gold for the past 12 years.
• PPM is not a big company who advertises all over the airwaves. In fact, PPM warns our clients to stay away from the big companies, as they have to mark up their products to pay for their expensive advertising fees.
• PPM protects our clients – either from being misled into purchasing the wrong type of precious metal, or from being overcharged when purchasing them.
• PPM works to share our knowledge of the gold market with our clients, and there is never any sales pressure to buy. PPM simply presents you with the information you need to make your own informed decision as to what and when you want to buy.
• PPM works only on a referral basis. Our overhead is very low – allowing us to keep our prices very low, and passing the savings onto you

Benzy’s  Diesel

Watch Dog Radio would like to say thank you and encourage you to visit our newest sponsor.  Benzy’s  Diesel in Lawrence Pa. Ben is a great Christian man who will do his very best to help you increase the performance of your diesel engine. Including exhaust and performance chips as well as tune ups and fluid changes. Increased the power and fuel efficiency of my Cummins diesel……….. Reach him at (724) 705-0147