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A Voice is Stilled

Today we lost one of the golden voices of the ages.  Whitney Houston at the age of 48 passed away.  We saw her rise from a teenager to the heights of fame and fortune.  Her voice captured us and took us soaring with it.  She starred in movies, and she was one of the best selling woman vocal artists of all time.  She was beautiful, self assured (at least in public), and determined to succeed beyond even her childhood dreams.

We were invited into her life.  She gave us music and hope.   And yet at time it wasn’t enough she was accused of being a sell out to the African American community, of trying to hard to be “whiter”, of ignoring her black backround to become more famous and loved by her white fans.

We also got to see what fame and fortune can bring.  They have a darker side, if not tempered with a deep understanding of the responsibilities that come with them.  We have seen it repeated time and time again as very rich, very talented, and often time very alone individuals lose their lives to the downward spiral brought on by too many drugs, too much booze,  too much money, too little restraint, and too many people who enable.

Though no cause of death has been given at this time, we can only assume the worst given the fairly recent history we all bore witness too: A failed marriage, drug and alcohol problems, and fans who demanded she be more than just another singer but something so far above us that we could only stand in awe when we saw her.  The pressures must have been tremendous.

In the coming days and weeks as more information comes out we can only hope that people will pause and reflect on her life, the highs and joys certainly, but also on the lows and use those reflections to teach ourselves, our friends, and our children.  Already we have seen far too many people poking fun at her in death.  I prefer to remember her in life.

Gorgeous, vibrant, talented and etched indelibly in our memory.  God rest you Whitney Houston our prayers for you and your family. Rest in peace.  We will always love you…