April 14th, 2012: Petrodollars, The Economy, and another true Watchman!

Your resident Crazed Citizen Todd welcomes back our Anti-Progressive-in-Chief, Bill Been (Author of Masters of Audacity and Deceit) and a special guest, Evan Feinberg, who is running for Congress in the 18th District here in Western PA.

They hop right in and talk about the issues of our debt, our dollar, the out of control spending, how it cripples our economy, how we montenize our debt via the Federal Reserve (isn’t that what got us in trouble with housing?),  and a host of other issues.

Evan lays out his plan if he is elected and his sound economic policy has garnered the endorsements of the Tribune-Review here in Pittsburgh, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Tom Coburn, as well as many grass roots conservative organizations.

Let’s take back our Country, and our Liberty, defend our rights with Wisdom, Truth and Freedom.