April 21st, 2012: VOTE SMART!

3 days away from the Pennsylvania Primary, Todd and Bill Been (Author of Masters of Audacity and Deceit) talk about how important picking out leaders, how we need to chose them wisely.  Todd and Bill also talk about encouraging the good leaders we have when the progessive left and their liberal media minions attack them.

They also talk again about the NDAA and how people who are opposed to the course the current administration has proposed could be on some government list (Scary thought!)

They delve into many ideas we need to support to re-secure our liberty, our freedom, our very way of life from those who in the interest of some weird notion of “fairness” would take it all.

Let’s buck the system and keep the party elite from choosing our leaders for us!!!!!!!!

Another great show from the Watchmen of Watch Dog Radio!