April 26th, 2015: Hyde-n-Go-Seek and Ukraine

Welcome to the last show of April…so we all survived Tax Day…and now to dive into some deep material that you probably didn’t even know was linked: Obamacare, your healthcare and abortion.

Most people don’t think about it, but did you know that Obamacare requires that abortion be paid for, in apparently violation of the Hyde Amendment, which prevents the Federal Government from funding abortion in most cases???  Obamacare, which provides subsidies from the Federal Treasury, which fund abortion.   Think about that for a moment?

Todd lays forth statistics about this holocaust of the unborn, Tom lays down the Biblical perspective and digs into how they have gotten around the Hyde Amendment.

In the second half, Todd and Tom head in another more positive direction, they talk about Pastor Wayne Hogarth and his mission to Ukraine and what he is hoping to accomplish with is mission there.   They talk about Pastor Hogarth’s mission and having missions here in the US.

Stay tuned for an AMAZING show!