August 11th, 2012: Better Late Than Never!

The bad news…we were VERY late in getting the podcast to you all.  We appologize for the delay in getting our Podcast delivered this week.  Computer issues, even our guru has them on occasion!!

Now for the good news…this Podcast is worth the wait!!  Our Crazed Citizen Watchman© Todd and our iracible Crazed Citizen Head Cracker©, Bill Been bring you a show full of information you are going to want…actually you NEED to hear it.

1.  They look into the LIE the Obama Super PAC (Priorities USA Action, who by the way says this about themselves: “We are committed to the reelection of President Obama and setting the record straight when there are misleading attacks against him and other progressive leaders.” NOTE THE PROGRESSIVE)  has set out that Mitt Romney via Bain Capital killed a woman.  LIE LIE LIE!!!!!

2.  More on Agenda 21, with a comparison between the USA and Europe…i.e. No single family homes, unless you are UBER rich.

3.  The discuss the Deptartment of Homeland Security (May we see you papers, comrade?)

4.  The importance of the upcoming election…in DEFEATING Barack Hussien Obama this November.

5.  Obama’s foolish idea that the Constitution is too restrictive (Hey, Mr. Consitutional Scholar President here’s a NEWS FLASH…it is SUPPOSED TO BE THAT WAY!)

6.  How the politicians are using OUR money to buy the vote.

7.  How illeagal immigration is killing our way of life.

8.  How we CANNOT accept APATHY…how we CANNOT let up…how we have to FIGHT  to get our country back,

9.  How our Government is NOT, repeat NOT, our friend.

And lots lots more!!!!