March 24th, 2012: Bill’s first solo show and the birth certificate exposed!

On the show today, Bill Been (author of Masters of Audacity and Deceit, raconteur, man for all seasons, political genius, patriot and Watchman Extraordinaire!  The Dos Equis guy has nothing on Bill!) takes off the training wheels and flies solo on Watch Dog Radio.    Bill taxi’s, takes off and flies as he welcomes to the show Charles Kerchner, a 33 Year military retiree and his attorney Karen Kiefer who recently brought suit in Pennsylvania challenging the “natural born citizen” status of one Barack Hussein Obama II(you may have heard of him?), and Bill Steiner a conservative political activist.

The discuss the lack of true investigation into Barack Hussein Obama’s his status as a natural born citizen, and how it effects his right to hold the office of President of the United States and the backround of what a “natural born citizen” really is and how Obama fails to meet the definition.

Don’t miss this show and it’s important view on this subject!