March 31 2012: Chicken Little No More…The Sky IS Falling!

The Head Watchman, Todd Marley welcomes Watch Dog regular Bill Been (author of Masters of Audacity and Deceit) and WDR’s resident historian and Constitutional expert Marcus Staley to talk about Obama not being eligible for the office of the President (regardless of what his rabid followers may say), they talk about NDAA (under the cover of a national holiday so no one paid attention!), they talk about the NDRP (And executive order, Congress didn’t even get a vote here), and the delve into the Constitutionality of recent government decisions.  The NDRP is a SCARY SCARY SCARY usurpation of our rights, our liberty, our property, even our very lives.  And NOT one of the people who are supposed to be representing YOU in Congress has even had a chance to look at it!

The Watchmen talk about the typical m.o., going back to the Federal Reserve Act, where our Government passes (or issues executive orders) in the dead of night, usually around holidays where no one pays attention.

LISTEN…LEARN…ACT.   The time is coming, soon, where our rights will be gone and if you don’t pay attention and FIGHT for those rights you WILL be left on the ash heap of history.

Will you be free or will you be SLAVES?  The choice is yours.  It is up to US…it is up to YOU!!!