Contract with God

In an act of humility and dependence upon Almighty God, I understand and
 agree to the terms of this Contract:

  1. I commit myself to the LORD and all His ways.
  2. I will embrace the Biblical Faith handed down to our Founding Fathers, from God.
  3. I will value the Wisdom of God above the wisdom of men.
  4. I will honor the Law of God over the law of man.
  5. I renounce all alliances with evil or subversive organizations.
  6. I will become a student of the Founding Documents of the United States of America, and purpose to promote and protect our Constitutional Republic.
  7. I will pray for our Country and those in authority that life, liberty and the  pursuit of happiness may once again become the American Dream.
    “Blessed is the Nation Whose God is the LORD.”

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