December 29th, 2012: Endings are just new beginnings

Good morning  Watch People!! On this last Saturday of December in the last week of 2012 we bring you the last broadcast show of Watch Dog Radio.   Today Todd welcomes Tom Yakopin, who started WDR with Todd almost 4 years ago.  They talk about what has happen over the last four years,  about how the people in won’t even ask the simplest questions of their government (WHY?), how the mainstream media has changed our views by only feeding us information that they think we should have.

Four years ago Todd started Watch Dog Radio as a way to inform people of the threats to our liberty,  that mission has not changed and while Watch Dog Radio won’t be on the radio we will still be bringing you that information via the web and podcasts.

Thanks to our loyal listeners, thanks to all of the guests and people who helped out to make Watch Dog Radio possible.  You ARE the Watchmen and Watchwomen that have been sounding the alarm in defense of our Liberty.

Until the next time…God Bless.