Presidential Election Booklet: Your guide to 2012’s Big Decsion!


The Presidential Election booklet (72 pages) is a grassroots product written to inform voters of what is at stake and why the 2012 election is so critical. We hope you will share this information with as many people as possible so that the voters can oust the current administration and restore America’s strength and values. Every vote is important. Sitting this one out is not an option for those who care about our country. Booklet highlights are:

  • Describes the Presidential Election of 2012 as a crossroads where the candidates supporting traditional values are running against candidates supporting Progressivism, Socialism, and Marxism. Progressives must be defeated and “small government” candidates elected to restore liberty and individual freedom.
  •  Provides information that can serve as both an educational and motivational tool for voters and candidates in the 2012 Presidential Election Cycle.
  •  Provides a low cost way to distribute information, support presentations, promote group education, and answers the frequently asked question:

“What can I do?”

Presents a 10-element checklist for patriots to use in analyzing candidates while also providing a tool for educating friends and neighbors.

Progressivism is covered in a four-part discussion designed to assist voters in identifying candidates who pose a threat to our way of life:


Introduction to Progressivism, Politics of Progressivism, Progressivism in Action, Progressivism and the “Religion of Peace.”

New World Order ideologies are presented as a threat to our National Sovereignty. “We The People” are being totally ignored as these ideologies are being gradually implemented on a global basis as well as in our own local communities.

Sound bites derived from the booklet are: Balanced Budget or Financial Disaster, Free Markets or Socialism, Constitution or Progressivism, National Sovereignty or Global Submission.

Send Booklet Orders to: or WEB Patriot Services, Box 425, Mars 16046

You can check to see if your congressional representative is a Progressive and order the booklets at the website under PROGRESSIVISM.