February 25th, 2012: The Constitution, know it, love it, DEFEND IT!

It keeps rearing it’s ugly head (if you are a liberal progressive!), it just won’t go away, it is SUCH an inconvenience, it always stops the Government from doing so many things that the liberal Progessive, and even the┬áConservative Progressive (That’s big government conseratives!) want to do to WE THE PEOPLE(Such as take away our rights, liberty and property to name a few!)…it’s…TADA….the Constitution!!!!!

On this show Todd welcomes Bill Bean (That OTHER Crazed Citizen), author of Masters of Audacity and Deceit and Marcus Staley,  Professor of Sociology and Political Science at Robert Morris University (YEP! A non-liberal professor!! Whooda thunk?).

The guys hop right in a discuss the recent Constitutional issues that have arisen (Contraception, Nation Defense Authorization Act for example) and the nefarious nature of these things and how the Government is going to use UNCONSTITIONAL edicts and acts to remove our right including out rights to Free Speech, religion and habeous corpus to name a few!

Listen, LEARN and become a CRAZED CITIZEN too!