July 7th, 2012: Depictions of History

In today’s liberating hour of conservatice madness Todd and Bill bring in Pastor Bruce Leonatti to talk about how the progressives and liberals are not only ignoring the some of the most important facets of the history of the United States (such as the Revolutionary War, the formation of our country after our war for independence, through the Articles of Confederation to the development of our Sacred Constitution, the period to the Civil War etc etc) but have replaced it with flat out LIES.

They have changed the history of the rise of Islam in ancient and medieval history to show how the Muslims of that time were tolerant (they weren’t) and how Christianity (the other dominant religion at that point in History) was really the intolerant.

Pastor Leonatti challenged the Norwin School District that they were teaching false history:  http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/neighborhoods-east/depiction-of-religion-in-norwin-history-textbook-is-criticized-639327/ and so they brought in patsies to “prove” their point.

The Post-Gazette brought in Charles C. Haynes to refute Pastor Leonatti, who called Pastor Leonatti an Islamaphobe who is doing nothing but mis-representing the Islamic faith and the conquest of the middle-east by the early Islamic Arab-Muslim Empire.

Don’t miss this show on how our children are being indoctrinated and lied to for the sake of the liberal, progressives in this country who want to “change” history to suit their ends.