June 2nd, 2012: Ideas are great, but it is through ACTION that we achieve GREATNESS!

This morning Todd and Bill talk about getting involved and not just sitting on the sidelines complaining, or listening to the talking heads talking about the issues.  If WE the People are going to maintain our Liberty and our Freedom we have to FIGHT for it.

Everyday our freedoms and liberty is being eroded by the leftist progressives, those who desire the Nanny state and those who just crave power.  President Kennedy said, “Ask not what your Country and do for you, ask what you can do for your Country”.  The progressive left has reversed that.  The Democrat Party lead by Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, HArry Reid  and their ilk IS NOT the same party that Kennedy lead.

Listen, learn and get involved!!! Take action and push back the progessive take over of our country!  Write your Congressmen and women, your Senators, the Governor, you name it, but DO SOMETHING!