March 28th 2012: Once More Unto the Breach

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our English dead.
In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility;
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger. . . .
Henry The Fifth Act 3, scene 1, 1–6

Once again Todd and Bill Been (Author of Masters of Audacity and Deceit) are back this week throwing themselves into the breach once more.  The start by looking beyond the elections to the agenda of the progressive left and what will happen if President Obama wins reelection.    They examine the Consitutional quandries that are happen whent our Government ignores our rights to do what is “rigth and fair” as the President says.

They hit on the fact that lobbyists are spending OUTRAGEOUS amounts of money to influence our elected officials.

They once again take on Agenda 21, and what that means for our rights, our country and what how it will destroy our national Sovereignty and take away our rights in ways you never thought of.