May 12th 2012: Warriors Wounded and Warriors Trained.

This morning we have a “must listen show” with our Crazed Citizen Watchman Todd Marley, welcomes fellow Watchman Bill Been and Jonathan Graef from Razor Back Training.  Jonathan is a soldier, martial artist and self defense trainer.  They talk about the upcoming Wounded Warrior Project concert on May 18th (get your tickets today if you haven’t already!), they talk about getting the proper training to use a firearm for self defense and why we need to do so.

They also talk about some of the current events of the week such as (usual) the economy, paying $5 Billion a year in bogus tax refunds to illegal aliens who send their money right across the border to Mexico, the potential for voter fraud to happen with out votes about to be counted in SPAIN!!!!!!  Get some more information on Agenda 21 and see what is coming when they talk about the person in Austin, Texas who had his house raided because he has a bomb shelter fromt he 50’s used as fruit seller!

Great information for you Watchmen and Watchwomen out there!