May 24th, 2015: Forgiveness and Forgiven

Welcome back Watchmen and Watchwomen!!!  Today is  day that will live in, ok…the joke is old and tired…In a classic WDR podcast from December 7th, 2014 and Todd welcomes Stuart, aka The Wiseman.   The delve into the concept of Forgiveness, and forgiving others and asking others for forgiveness.    Todd and Stuart explore the relationship between being thankful and forgiving and forgiveness.

In the second part of the show they highlight the concept of the Council Fire.

Many people ask, what is Council Fire?  Council Fire is a time set aside for men of Faith to gather and discuss the problems of their lives, our nation, the world.  In these discussions, through the application of their Faith and through the encouragement of their friend and allies in Faith find ways forward past their problems.  In doing so they set and example for others to follow and Faith and understanding spread among other people of Faith.

Council Fire is a wonderful and moving experience.  For more information or to inquire further contact Todd at

Its and emotional and enlightening show this week, don’t miss it!