November 30th, 2014: Being Thankful.

On this after Thanksgiving show, Todd and Tom welcome a true friend of the show, Ralph, to talk about what being thankful should mean to us all in todays world.  The look at the simplicity of just saying, “thank you” and how it brings things full circle from the gift given to the acknowledgement of that gift in giving thanks. When we are given much and in trying to keep up with the Joneses, as it were, we sometimes forget to be thankful for those things we have.  Sometimes it is a just a matter of perspective.  Here are 10 things to put into that perspective of thanks, can you think of a few more?

  1. Waking up early = kids to love.
  2. A house to clean = a place to live.
  3. Dirty laundry = clothes to wear.
  4. Dirty dishes = food to eat.
  5. A table needing cleaned off = a family to share meals with.
  6. A shopping list = money to spend.
  7. A noisy house = children having fun.
  8. Endless questions (Why is the sky blue?) = children learning.
  9. A “honey do list” = a spouse to love and who loves you.
  10. Getting in bed sore and tired = You are still alive.