October 27th, 2012: Kick Start the Cracker!

Good Pre-Frankenstorm, Pre-Election, Pre-End of the World (December 21st is coming FAST! Please put on your sarcasm glasses) morning!   On this morning our Head Cracker-n-Chief Bill Been, brings Tom Altman to talk about the situation involving the Connellsville community and their struggle with the liberal progressives concerning the lawsuit filed attempting to force the school to remove the Ten Commandments monument sitting on the corner of school property. Key points are that the Family Research Council and the Heritage Foundation working with the Fayette Patriots convened a candlelight service last Sunday to protest and pray that the monument would never have to leave the spot on the school campus that it has occupied for almost 50 years. Points of interest is the fact that the plaintiffs are not just seeking the removal but also are seeking damages through not being able to sleep at night because of the concern caused by the very existence of the Ten Commandment monument.

Yeah the Ten Commandment keep us at night! (Please put on your sarcasm glasses again!)

Bill and Tom speak about the Sheriff Brigade. The purpose of this organization is several-fold: First, it is to educate residents in the county concerning the constitutional rights and responsibilities of the County Sheriff. Second, it is to support the County Sheriff whenever needs exist for additional people. Third, it is to hold the County Sheriff accountable to his requirements.

They also talk about of course the Libya situation, the One Young World event, Agenda 21 and lots more!!!