October 6th, 2012: Won’t Get Fooled Again!

Good early fall Saturday morning!!! We are finally back in the relatively safe confines of the 104.7 bunker, high atop Greentree Hill!   This morning The Head Watchman and the C-N-C (Cracker-n-Chief), Todd and Bill respectively, tackle the progessive agenda, and they talk about electing not just a President that will undo the damage done by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid but a Constitutionally based Congress that will help him with that burden.  In that regard Todd and Bill welcome to the studio Hans Lessmann running for Congress in the 14th Congressional District in Pennsylvania running against Mike Doyle, a NINE term Congressman (How many terms is enough?).

Mr. Lessmann wants to protect our rights, strengthen our economy, tackle our onerous tax structure, bring jobs back, and bring the government back to it’s intended form and function.  Watch Dog Radio endorses Mr. Lessmann in the 14th district!