Are your papers in order, Comrade?









As of TODAY, They are planning on having 30,000…..THIRTY THOUSAND, spy drones fly over US CIties and Neighborhoods to spy on us.   They even have developed small drones the size of a hummingbird that can fly around people’s houses and look inside the windows and doors.



Fox News reports on 30,000 drones to be used over US Cities and Neighborhoods.



New spy drone is the size and shape of a Hummingbird and can look into your car and home windows.



Using a spy drone to view what happens ON private property and IN private property is an unconstitutional Search.


The Founding Fathers wrote the 4th Amendment to secure the PRIVACY of American citizens.   PRIVACY is one of the most important elements to LIBERTY.   All people make mistakes and if you are reading this,  you are all guilty of breaking some law, some where.   Without Privacy, there can be no liberty.


There are people out there who are fighting legal battles to secure and protect your libery.   There are Whistle Blowers out there trying to alert the American people about corruption and incompetence within our government.  THESE are the people whose privacy needs to be protected the most