April 7th, 2012: Through the Looking Glass; Our country seen through different eyes.

The Craziest Citizen (That would be Todd, as if our regular listeners didn’t know that!) has a special show for us!  Todd welcomes Marcus Staley (our resident politcal science and historical expert), and Bill Been (you know him as the author of Masters of Audacity and Deceit) as well as a very special guest, Melina Brajovic.  Melina came to our country from Yugoslavia in 1985.  She came from Serbia in Yugloslavia, and she learned English, she learned our Constitution, she came to love our country, eventually becoming a proud American citizen.  She is running for Republican Delegate in District 14 in Pennsylvania as well as Blawnox Council.

As you may imagine she has a vastly different view of country from those of us who were born here, and have taken our freedoms and liberties for granted.  She sees many of the same pitfalls that affected her country and caused the terrible civil war there, beginning to creep into our country via the Progressives.  Her view of our country will amaze you, and hopefully remind you to love your country, to S.T.A.N.D. U.P. for your rights and liberties!!

Open your eyes again, to the past, the present and the future!